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Why Do So Many
Choose Champion?

The reasons are as diverse as the clients we serve.

Many point to our superior product quality, reliability, and competitive pricing. All
appreciate that we provide a simpler, more rewarding business partnership.

For others, it's our 45-year track record of helping apparel, agricultural, automotive, bedding, carpet, FR, furniture, home furnishings, medical, military, safety, personal
protective equipment (PPE), wax cable, and other textile and sewn products
manufacturers solve their toughest sewing, construction and production problems.

We invite you to discover for yourself the many advantages or working with
Champion Thread.

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The Champion Difference

With a solid track record of growth over 45 years, CTC has positioned itself as the go-to partner for industrial sewing thread, specialty yarns, and other supplies in North America.

The secret to our success is simple - CTC is laser-focused on helping our customers get the supplies they need, when they need them, with the personal service they want. We are committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our flexibility overcomes disruption, we deliver when others fail, and our collaborative partnership assures you are always informed and treated fairly and respectfully.

We deliver on these promises through our lean, flexible manufacturing operation that gives us greater control over our local supply chain. These technology and domestic human resource investments have enabled us to replace traditional thread suppliers in many plants.